Protective Pods

Pods are our solution to managing the COVID-19 pandemic while still retaining a preschool environment in a developmentally appropriate manner. Like the ocean mammals that swim together, each individual classroom is being structured to be their own independent pod.

Small stable groups are considered one of the most important ways to structure child care rooms for COVID-19 prevention, according to the California Department of Public Health & the California Department of Social Services.

To that end, each pod maxes at 10 students (& one teacher) and spends their core academic day together. They play together, snack together, and learn together!

We have restructured our schedule so that each pod recesses separately, and we are focused on minimizing pod overlap in the bathrooms and other shared spaced.

We will have separate pods for the early drop off (8-9am) & Extended Day (12-3pm) students, structured around minimizing cross contamination of our academic day pods.

In order to keep our pods contained, we have suspended our drop in (ticket) system for early drop off and late stay and will not be offering extracurricular classes at this time.

We have also cancelled all events such as music classes, chapels, field trips, and special events that involve gatherings or outside vendors. We will be watching the CDPH & CDC recommendations for when to start these programs again safely.

We are following the recommendations from the January 14, 2021 Guidance for Schools regarding the temporary closing of classrooms or schools: A confirmed positive COVID-19 test of a student or teacher does not require a full school closure for quarantine unless multiple pods have a student or staff member test positive at the same time.

By using the pods system, should we have a student or teacher test positive for COVID-19, we can avoid needing to close the entire campus for an extended period of time.

Help Us Keep Our Pods Safe

Maintaining the separation and health of our pods is a key component to keeping our classrooms open during this time. Here’s how you help keep us safe:

  • One adult for pick up and drop off time; if you can keep other children at home for this, please do
  • Wear your mask when on campus if you’re not vaccinated (Dropping off or picking up without a mask is your attestation of completed vaccination process)
  • Physically distance yourself between other family groups on campus
  • Use the hearts chalked to help with spacing as you wait your turn
  • Don’t enter the classroom past the sign in/out spot
  • Don’t gather together after pick up/drop off
  • Be extra vigilant about illness – stay home ‘just in case’ if you’re concerned your child may not be well
  • Check temperatures before you leave to come to school; students must be fever free without medication!
  • Practice good hand washing and respiratory etiquette skills at home
  • Minimize your points of exposure outside school to avoid becoming a carrier